Auto Lease & Loan FAQs

We Answer Your Common Finance Questions at Vendetti Motors

Financing FAQs: How to Get the Most for Your Money


Is It True You Can Buy a New or Used Vehicle 100% Online at Vendetti Motors?

Yes, It's a new program at Vendetti Motors called "Shop. Click. Drive." It means you can not only shop for a Buick or GMC vehicle online, but you can do all the financing from home. It's a simple tool that lets you find the right vehicle on your computer or mobile device, pick your trim and accessories, select extended warranties and in most cases, schedule delivery to your home in Cumberland RI  or Mansfield MA .

  You can also estimate your trade-in value and your monthly payments, find the latest specials and dealer incentives, and apply for credit, all right on our website.

Is It Really Safe to Apply for Financing Online? Won't My Private Information Get Stolen?

We understand that concern, but this process is completely safe. When you apply for financing on the Vendetti Motors website, your information is protected and encrypted. What's more, using our secureonline form lets you apply for financing more quickly.

Can You Help People with Bad Credit Get a Car Loan?

Yes, we do it every day. We don't want past credit problems to keep you from owning a new Buick SUV or a GMC truck no matter where you live around Milford MA  or North Attleborough MA. At Vendetti Motors, we work with our own network of experienced lenders. Many of them actually specialize in helping borrowers get financing, even with less than perfect credit. The specialists in our Finance Center will work hard to get you the best loan package available no matter what your credit score says.

Which is Better: Buying or Leasing?

Both have their strengths but, in general, the answer depends on your budget, your cash flow and the kinds of vehicles you like to drive. For example, if you want to work toward owning your car, instead of always making payments, a loan might be best. Buying can also give you more freedom in how you drive. With a lease, you have annual mileage limits and if you exceed those, you have to pay a penalty.

With leasing, the biggest advantage is that your monthly lease payments are less than loan payments on the same vehicle. Another advantage is that you can drive your leased vehicle for the term of the lease, usually 36 months, then just bring it back, drop it off and step into a new lease - and a new car. You don't have the hassle or expense of selling your previous vehicle in a nearby community like Norwood MA. 

How Can I Estimate the Value of My Trade In?

If you want to trade in your current vehicle instead of selling it yourself, simply go online and find our Value Your Trade tool under the "Finance" tab. Provide a few facts about your car, truck or SUV and you'll get an estimate of the value of your current vehicle. That can help you make a well-informed purchasing decision.

How Do I Apply for Financing?

Simply go to our website and under the "Finance" tab, click "GMC Application." Or visit us inperson and we can walk you through the process. Either way, it shouldn't take more than a few minutes, and then we'll go to work finding you the best possible deal.

We Can Answer Your Other Questions Online or In Person at Vendetti Motors

We encourage you to visit us any time and ask our finance experts about your options. We'd be happy to have that discussion even before you've selected your vehicle. We'll explain your choices in easy-to-understand terms and help you make the best decisions for your situation. Get in touch with us today at Vendetti Motors in Franklin MA.